Mark started his Kart Racing career at what would be considered a late age at 13 years old.  Mark quickly caught on and won his first championship in 2012 in the World Formula Jr. Division in California.  After moving to Missouri, Mark began racing with KC Karting in Liberty, MO.  He dominated the Clone class and quickly rounded up all of the track records.  He finished up his first season with KC Karting as the Clone Champion and then moved up into the Tag Senior class.  Mark learned very quickly and was able to bring home another Championship in the Tag Sr. division.  In 2014 Mark started racing the Enduro races with KART MARRS.  Mark raced at his first National race and rapidly jumped up on the podium with all of the other very talented Kart racers.  Mark has now rounded up his Championships by winning the 2015 TaG Sr. 1 & 2 Championship in the KART MARRS Series.

Mark graduated into the 125cc Shifter class! With a trip to Texas to run a Texas Pro Kart race in Dallas and the Kart Marrs National Championships in Oklahoma.  Mark and his Swedetech powered, Parolin Chassis powered up to the hard fought 3rd place finish in the Sprint 125cc Shifter Stock Honda class.

With time and patience, Mark has continued to improve his racing skills and strengths. He is well known around the track to be the kindest person and most approachable person. His sportsmanship has been nothing but amazing, he strives to do well and always makes sure rulings are fair, even if it has negative effects on his placement.

In 2017 Mark moved out of the Karting scene and joined the dirt racing world. Mark has been working very hard to learn this new type of racing. Mark has quickly adapted to the world of oval track dirt racing and has graduated from the modified class to the Late Model class. With this new car Mark will be set out to continue to perfect his skills as a driver and strive to be known in the dirt racing scene.  FastKidz Racing would like to thank our sponsors for making this happen for Mark.  He will continue to make all of you proud. 

Racing is our Life!

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Driver: Mikaela McGuire

Age: 19


2011 - 2013 NHRA Jr. Dragster Driver

2013 KC Karting Clone Jr. Champion

2014 KC Karting Tag Jr. Champion

2015 Tag Sr. 1 & 2 - 3rd Place - KART MARRS Enduro Championship Series

Mikaela started her racing career at age 11.  She started off with a NHRA Jr. Dragster.  She competitively raced her dragster for 2 years.  Shortly after moving from California to her current home town in Lone Jack, MO she decided she wanted to try Karting out.  Mikaela started off in the Clone class and after wining her first Clone Jr. Championship she quickly jumped into a TAG Kart.    Her very first season in the Tag Jr. class with KC Karting she won the championship.  She is now chasing the points with the KART MARRS ENDURO Series with her brother in the Tag Sr. Class.  Mikaela finished a very strong 3rd place in points in the KART MARRS TaG Sr. Division.  Being the youngest and the only woman in her class she has shown everyone she is ready to chase the championship in the 2016 season.    

With great skill and amazing persistence Mikalea strives to be one of the fastest drivers around. She never gives up and never fails to surprise everyone around her with her great talents on and off the track.  She has the personality to make everyone's day better no matter how bad. She has the ability to talk to anyone and make you feel like you have been friends for years. Mikaela is a great person all around and is definitely an amazing racer.

Driver: Mark McGuire

Age: 20


2012 World Formula Jr. Champion

2013 Clone Jr. Champion

2014 Tag Sr. Champion

2015 Tag Sr. 1 Champion - KART MARRS Enduro Champion

2015 Tag Sr. 2 KART MARRS Enduro Champion